Needless to say, the weather in the hills can be so different from the weather when we leave home, and it can vary dramatically from one hour to the next, and from one hill to the next.

Some tips:
  • Check a few forecasts as they don’t always agree.
  • Check the day before and then again before setting off to get the most up to date information.
  • Look out for the “feels like” temperature: wind can make it feel so much colder.
  • Look out for wind speed too: not only does wind create wind chill, it can also seriously impact one’s ability to walk.
  • Bear in mind that the temperature drops by 1ºC to 1.5ºC for every 100m of altitude gained. So it can be a nice 12ºC at the start of a walk and 0ºC at the summit.
  • Whatever the forecast still pack waterproofs and warm clothes. Being an optimist, I have often underestimated the conditions and regretted not bringing more layers.
A few websites which provide mountain forecasts:

Mountain Weather Information Service:

Mountain Forecast:

Met Office:

More information about coping with mountain weather and conditions:

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