No Rush Hikes

These slower guided walks are for those who like to stop, take in the view, catch their breath, and take extra time on trickier terrain.

They’re for those who worry about holding others back, for those who love being outdoors but who worry they aren’t fast or fit enough.

They’re for women of all shapes, sizes and ages who simply want to get out hill walking.

Throughout the day, I’ll share some tips to help you plan your own walks: dealing with different types of terrain, thinking about the weather, what kit you might need, being prepared for emergencies, and finding your way.

I appreciated that Gaby checked in with our energy levels throughout the day, and I felt reassured by the fact that we could adapt the pace and the route at any point. 

Lillie, July 2023

Above Loch Lomond from Luss

Saturday 25th November


Get in touch to discuss a date and location to suit you.


See the more information links for pricing.

To make these guided hikes more accessible to women currently on lower incomes there is the option to book a reduced rate ticket. You can choose what you pay based on your circumstances – no questions asked.

Refunds and cancellations:

Please see the full Terms and Conditions


If you have any questions about kit or any aspect of this event, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are keen to do whatever we can to encourage you to take part.

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