Some favourite podcasts

For me, podcasts are another source of inspiration and learning. Like reading they have introduced me to new ideas and ways of thinking, wonderful people, and inviting places.

Here are a few I recommend which relate to adventure, the outdoors, as well as broader themes such as the environment, social justice, health, and body image:

  • On The Outside: A UK based podcast sharing diverse views on outdoors news…
  • Living Adventurously by Alastair Humphreys: stories of ordinary people choosing to live extraordinary lives
  • Of Mountains and Minds: conversations with people who have been through a life-changing endurance event, whether physical or mental
  • Maintenance Phase: “Wellness & weight loss, debunked & decoded.”
  • Mothers of Invention: spotlighting climate leaders around the world who are carving a path to climate justice for all

What podcasts would you recommend? You can comment below.

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