What to take hill walking

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You can find a list of what to wear and take hill walking (in the summer*) in the Questions page on this website. If you are joining a guided walk and don’t have a piece of equipment, do get in touch and we’ll try and source it for you.

*The term ‘summer’ is used to describe any conditions not covered by winter, so when there is no snow and ice. Summer does not mean warm, dry and sunny. As those of us living in Scotland know, the summer can be chilly and wet!

More information to help you decide what to pack and how to dress:

The checklist linked above is all you need but if you are looking for more information about what to pack and wear hill walking, how to stay warm and dry, and what to buy, I have pulled together a list of websites which provide clear and useful tips which might be useful.

Advice of keeping warm and dry in the cold and wet from Chris Townsend

A guide to hiking gear for women by Fiona Outdoors

Essential kit (including a printable checklist of summer kit) by Mountaineering Scotland

Advice on what to take and how to look after it from Adventure Smart

The ultimate guide to layering including some recommendations of what to buy depending on your budget

Cotton Kills!: Why wearing cotton (including t-shirts and jeans) is a bad idea

Gear guides: a range of guides to help you decide what walking boots, socks, tents, walking poles, and torches to buy

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